Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Received with Thanks

Got a notice to take a parcel the day I came back from work. I was so happy cos every time I receive parcel is equivalent to surprises. Be it online shopping goods or birthday gifts. It was still very exciting even though you knew the contents beforehand.

This time is a parcel from a far away land. 


Tada~~ Came with a thank you note some more. The story behind this parcel is very funny which I can’t tell you right here.


But since this parcel has undergone tremendous efforts so I think I need to put up this post as a token of appreciation.

Thank you very much~


sonny said...

oi!! share some wif me leh.... and tell me how u get it!!! the bottom 2 i never seen it in malaysia o...

Ruby said...

haha not only the bottom two lo. even the upper two oso never seen

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